January 14 total lunar eclipse astrology


  1. What Does the Full Moon in Leo Mean?
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  4. In the Stars January 20-27, 12222…shining light on the astrology of the week: Total Lunar Eclipse

Relaxing may become difficult during this period, as an unsettling feeling creeps in and you anticipate something new over the horizon.

What Does the Full Moon in Leo Mean?

More positively, this eclipse will grant you the chance to see things from a different perspective say AstrologyKing. Blood Moon astrology: What does this celestial event mean for your star sign? Your patience and focus may slip, and you may feel inclined to rebel.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Full Moon calendar: When is the next Full Moon? What is the Su Blood Moon. This aspect will be most helpful when you act based on an intuitive flash, using your left brain to orchestrate optimal implementation. This is also a great time to serve others using your special gifts you most love to use. While this aspect can create a powerful urge to merge, it also warns of the possibility of deception or important information being withheld. Perhaps someone who knows you both is already aware of the issue.

On the brighter side, this Venus-Neptune square can inspire you to deepen your conscious connection with your higher self.

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It can also help you perceive the divine essence in all things, and fire up your artistic inspiration! The theme of release or adjustment can also extend to children, your inner child, and playfulness … as well as risk-taking, recreation, rest and relaxation.

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Leo has a more diverse array of meanings than any other sign! While any aspect pattern is open to many interpretations, this one occurs to me:. The message is practical Capricorn , it aligns with your life purpose lunar nodes to communicate it, and you do so in a loving and entertaining way Leo Moon. Here are two possible interpretations:. This one contains the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.

January 14 2020 solar eclipse astrology meaning

Here are two takes:. It will give this aspect pattern something better to do! In addition to the eclipse, we have two standalone aspects. Life-affirming uses of this square include energized planning and implementation and amazing endurance. It can also catalyze a breakthrough in the healing of sorrow. This can be auspicious for relationships, but can magnify whatever harmonious or challenging dynamics are present. This conjunction can also amplify artistic creativity and open the door to new financial opportunity. This magical aspect can also fire up more intuitive flashes. If the square has your mind running a mile a minute, ask your higher self to send down intuitive flashes to guide you.

Those are thoughts that arrive with the feeling of absolute certainty. The Mercury-Chiron sextile lends smooth vitality to mentoring and healing — especially if done in a down-to-earth and practical way. You can channel this abundant energy into exercise, athletics, and sex. Or you can fire up your leadership, get entrepreneurial, or fight for a worthy cause.

One way to think about this aspect pattern is that Mars is simply pumping up the energy of an existing Grand Cross. Awakening Plus is my online spiritual support membership.


Lunar Eclipse January ~ Imperial Swoop - Darkstar Astrology

You can even choose an accountability partner to help you stay on track! You get all this, and much more, at a bargain price — but only for a limited time. Let Awakening Plus lift you to a higher place … with maximum ease and grace. Learn how Awakening Plus can help you! This aspect pattern provides harmonious support for decisive, strategic action Pallas in support of a higher cause Vesta. Venus suggests that this action could be taken in partnership, or might involve the arts.

In the Stars January 20-27, 12222…shining light on the astrology of the week: Total Lunar Eclipse

Uranus suggests that the higher cause might be outside the mainstream. The presence of Uranus also makes it easier for you to be guided by intuitive flashes, and encourages you to partner with a cause that electrifies you! With Venus and three asteroid goddesses, the energy of this aspect pattern is overwhelmingly feminine. Male-bodied persons are not excluded : everyone has a feminine aspect, and we can all benefit from its healing. Because this aspect is so important, it merits a deep dive into the numerous ways it can be expressed.

It will give the Saturn-Neptune sextile something better to do!

Lunar Eclipse Prelude January 18th 19th & 20th 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

Earlier versions brought an unprecedented level of ease to casting and working with astrological charts. The current version adds many more calculations, extra convenience features, more interpretive text, and exciting new graphic displays.